Early DestructANT Sketches

I thought I would show you the original concept sketches for Infurious Republics’s DestructANT. These sketches were hidden deep inside my little A5 black book of sketches I carry around from time to time.

The book has pages and pages of ideas and concept art and is sometimes a mass of crazy things that go around in my head.

The  following sketches range from the heli-pac ants, biplanes, zeppelins and end of level bosses. Some sketches can be very rough indeed so here’s a collection of the more refined versions. I love sketching with my black ball point pen in my A5 sketch book as it’s so much more creative then just going straight to the computer.

Maybe some  day soon we might release a game based on my illustrations. Anyway I hope you enjoy the collection of sketches and can see how we have tried not to stray too far from the original look and feel.

I know Philip says I have the easy job but sure he would say that since all he does is move little sprites around and add the odd sound effect in, plus eat all the biscuits…….
Only kidding Philip.



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