The First Post …

Hi all and welcome to our first post on the new, revamped Infurious Republic website.

Infurious has went through a few changes in the past, but we’re back and ready to get stuck in.

We are currently a small company with just 2 people. Yes I did say we were a small company. It’s headed up by Philip Orr, that’s me, and Jonathan Temples. I’m the web, techie, and main programmer, while Jonathan has the great, easy job of coming up with all the graphic work. Sorry Jonathan, I know it’s actually really boring and fully mundane, but hay, someone’s got to do it. Nah! He really does enjoy it, and we’ll be posting some of his sketches and concept work on here, so keep an eye out.

We are currently still making fine changes to the website and tweaking things, here and there so keep checking it out. The forum will be up and running soon, just a few skinning issues to be taken off first.

Here at Infurious we are set to bring top notch retro style gaming to the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and with the latest release of iOS5 we have a few features in our lineup of games that will pull mobile gaming and put it onto the BIG screen.

Our first application to make it out the door will be DestructANT. This was originally conceived by Jonathan Temples, our resident artist and gaming Guru. You can read all about him here and and his personal website can be found here.

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