April #xCake meetup

Philip giving demo talk at xCake

Tuesday was the developers #xCake meet up at Ecliptic Labs in Belfast. Yours truly was there to give a tech demonstration on using iOS devices as a gaming console. The current version of Apples iPhone and iPad allow the user to connect their device to a television or projector system to act as a console unit. This connection is usually just a mirrored version of what’s on the iOS device.

Our demo takes this process a stage further, by allowing the iOS device to use the attached screen as a second, or main screen. This process allows the main action to be displayed on the external screen with additional secondary information to be displayed on the iOS device itself.

Using an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, to talk to the console style iOS device and allowing the user to interact with it via the devices built in gyroscope motion system.

There is still a way to go yet before this process is working at its best, but we’re getting there and hope to roll it out to all our current and future lineup of apps.

Thanks guys for having us, and hope to see you again soon.

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