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Dino Cry Babies

Well, as Jonathan quickly scribbles away, and is getting used to his new Wacom Intros tablet, I thought I’d share another one of his wee animation sketches with you lot. Here we have our, not so cute, Dino baby in full swing tantrum mode. Perhaps she’s needing fed, wants burped, or just simply needs to get a load off, you’ll just have to wait and see, but do enjoy the animation. I’m sure Jonathan won’t mind me saying that the […]

Ants bring in the Heavy Artillery

So far DestructANT has been getting some great reviews on the Apple iOS Store, averaging 5 stars. They all love the graphics, the sound effects and of course the music, and we’ve been really pleased that they have. BUT!! There seems to be a wee bit of a problem. Apparently, if your really lazy and just want to be bored, then you simply just stay at the top of the screen and shoot everything that comes down for the first […]

Animated Monkey Sketches

Jonathan was hard at work with our new game, getting the look and feel just right. What started of as a simple puzzler has quickly turned into something much bigger than we had first imagined. Here is one of the characters in the game. Yes it’s a monkey, with a big responsibility, in running and throwing modes. These are just a couple of the sketches from several levels across a volcanic island that we’re putting together. Should have a number […]

Ye Olde retro style

Jonathan has been taking retro right back to the very early days of, what was then high end, video gaming. Our DestructANT game has been stylised to look like the 1980’s computer era, with the likes of the Commodore VIC 20 and the Commodore 64. Thought I’d include the floating balloon ant from our game in both Commodore VIC 20 and Commodore 64 styles. What do you think? Maybe we should develop an age old retro game, full of large […]

Early DestructANT Sketches

I thought I would show you the original concept sketches for Infurious Republics’s DestructANT. These sketches were hidden deep inside my little A5 black book of sketches I carry around from time to time.

DestructANT Wallpaper

We have put together a little surprise for you all. Jonathan has been hard at work with a really cool wallpaper for your computer desktop, featuring the daring frog himself, along with a number of the progressively battle hardened ants. Hope you enjoy this freebie and we’re looking forward to providing you with other niceties from time to time.

The First Post …

Hi all and welcome to our first post on the new, revamped Infurious Republic website. Infurious has went through a few changes in the past, but we’re back and ready to get stuck in. We are currently a small company with just 2 people. Yes I did say we were a small company. It’s headed up by Philip Orr, that’s me, and Jonathan Temples. I’m the web, techie, and main programmer, while Jonathan has the great, easy job of coming […]